Our Universe


Neither existence nor non-existence was there. Neither   matter nor space around. What covered it, where it was and who protected?  Why that plasma, all pervading, deep and profound?

Neither death nor immortality was there, and there was neither day nor night. But for that breathless one breathing on its own. There was nothing else, surely nothing.

(Rig Veda excerpt….)


The Realm of Acknowledgement……


Sometimes you may just freak with the idea that you could disappear and watch to see who acknowledged your absence the most or did anyone for that matter…

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do or try to do would never acknowledge you for your being you. The acceptable happened, as it had to one day and the unacceptable had its own reasons. When we give too much importance to someone in our life, resultantly we often reduce our importance in their life for the span of our presence in their lives. It is the absence that creates the acknowledgement of the endeavor. We often ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us… but that’s the way we are programmed.

Every life has a start and an end with finite time between. Let’s not waste precious time in convincing people who aren’t ours any which ways as they would never be able to convincingly buy what you are selling. The path of life that each one of has to tread needs to be walked upon with souls that are with you and you with them. Often in families or otherwise you would come across situations where you need to decide that they are not for you or you are not for them. You are just not their cup of tea and neither are they yours and that’s OK. Compatibility issues are neither milestones nor benchmarks in judging a group, family or an individual for its being.

Walk ahead in life, wave bystanders along as you move away, seeking to share your path with those who have the inner conscience to acknowledge you, having recognition of your mettle and you.

Seek your realm of acknowledgement for accomplishment of project LIFE and till achievement and afterwards just move on….

Yet Alone…..In the End



Yet alone at the end of it all…..just no shortcuts.

Hinduism has been one of the eldest and most responsive religions that guided lifestyles of mankind on this planet. Varied formats and innumerable personifications of Gods to identify with, have been the hallmark of beliefs.

Therapies in the forms of Chaliya, Sankalp, Puja, Yagnya etc are prescribed as instant solutions for perceived bad times or what is often passed off as Griha Disha. Someone in midst of an instant problem has no option but to be drawn instantly by it.

We can wear rings of precious stones of desired weights and hues, apply holy ash or Chandan to our forehead, tie  red thread endlessly on our wrist, in anticipation of a favorable judgment. We get delighted by the mere idea of a dip in the holy rivers and their tributaries. We go uphill the Trikoot Parbat for the holy glimpse of Mata Vaisho Devi and often enhance the experience with a visit to the shrines of other deities as Ma Chamunda,Kangra Mai, Ma Chintpurni and Ma Jwalamukhi. All this to thwart the outcomes of our own Bad Karmas.

We experience contentment in being a part of holy processions to mark different occasions. It is emotionally very refreshing to attend a Satsang and staunch believers would travel long distances to be a part of the same, leaving no stone un turned for a glimpse of the Godman who lectured it through. We are yet alone in the end, after dispersal of the gathering.

All these efforts are good, but at the same time are just instrumental in making our presence felt, marking our attendance or utmost a way to quench our thirst for cultural connections. For some they work as a short break from the happening of the world they have brought themselves to dwell in. What in the end of it all? What next after it? If a holy dip in the river was the answer to it all, population living on the river bank would have attained salvation. We ourselves believe that we are in a time space called Kalyug and Karma is Pradhan. In other words our deeds would see us through. It would be wishful to expect God to arrive as a personification to see us across our matrices of life. After all just how many instances are there in the entire set of beliefs.  Wishful thoughts would only have us drawn to Gurus and Godmen with a desire to seek temporary comforts.

We know but find it difficult to acknowledge that there are no shortcuts in present yuga or time. It is only and only our good Karmas or deeds with consistent reactions and behavioral patterns that are selflessly in line with good of humanity that can make this world a better place on one side and see us through of our personal matrices of complexities of life, towards our salvations


Sands of Time


Life is a balance between desires and reality. Age old thought processes reflect upon desires to be a root cause of all dis harmonies of life, but to have no desires is just a desire in itself. Every situation or a problem has in its end just two outcomes, the one we desire and the one we fear. There is life beyond in both the situations, come what may. Turmoil of thoughts and matrices of opinions are just and just based on our perceptions. Hinduism has always advocated the concepts of bigger picture in life and reflected upon the purpose of life with the theory of karma. Our deeds form a report card of life cycles that we may go through and become basis of eventual outcomes. Death is but a punctuation in the bigger journey. With frugal understanding and immature perceptions we all attempt to leave our mark on the Sands of Time.